Scandinavian Sports vision is to inspire people to a active lifestyle


Our Values
We at Scandinavian Sports are an open-minded organisation inspired by development, knowledge, motivation, life quality and sharing. We strive to always have these values in mind in our daily routine, internally and of course with our customers.

As we believe in quality in life it would only be logical that we believe in quality regarding our products. We strive to develop and offer products that are well made, durable and easy to use. This motivates us every day to offer the greatest products combining high quality materials and user-friendly design.

In the spirit of the founders mission we always offer training equipment together with instructions and exercises for anyone that wants to develop their physical capacity. Whether you are a beginner or a well-trained athlete we strive to offer you products together with our training expertise and our knowledge in order to motivate and inspire you to an active lifestyle.

When it comes to sharing and especially for children and teenagers we believe that we have the responsibility to encourage them to engage in sports and physical activities. We are absolutely sure that this will provide them with friendships, joy and healthy bodies, which is why we support several children and teenagers in their sporting journey. This is our way of inspire the next generation to an active lifestyle.

Founded in the southern part of Sweden two childhood friends Tobias and Filip met as they always do on a typical Scandinavian autumn day. However on this very day one decision was taken that would change both of their lifes completely.
They have been discussing for quite some time to pursuit there dream of sharing there training expertise and sharing their passion to inspire people to an active lifestyle but the discussions always ended to be continued. But on this very day they finally decided to follow their dream and the seed that grew to be Scandinavian Spors was planted

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